Make a Wish!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog on healing and self-help books. I am not too sure if many people read it but by actually writing this blog it helped to heal me during a challenging time in my life.

During a recent sort out, I don’t just write about Marie Kondo, I found copies of some of the blogposts I had written. On reading these I wondered if I had ever put into practice any of the things I had blogged about?

We use the phrase “Make a Wish” when blowing out candles on Birthday cakes, we throw coins into wishing wells and fountains whilst making a wish, make wishes while blowing on dandelions and make wishes on the stars. But do these random wishes ever come true or are they instantly forgotten?

One of the books I enjoyed reading and talked about was 5 Wishes by Gay Hendricks. Just to give you a brief history on Gay, he is a psychologist, writer and personal growth practitioner. With his wife Kathlyn he has written around 50 books often focusing on positive relationships and attracting genuine love. Through the Hendricks institute they teach seminars on core skills for conscious living and conscious loving. Their work has touched the life’s of millions of people around the world.

I have read many of his books and what I think what was so special about this short book was that it was poignant with a strong message and it made me think about what I actually wanted from my life. Its not about just focusing on something but putting these goals into action. By writing down your goals it starts the process. But its not just about thinking there does have to be some action.

To give a brief synopsis: (as I would encourage you to read the book yourself)

An encounter at a party changed Gay Hendricks forever. A stranger asked him to imagine himself on his deathbed and to consider the question “was your life a complete success? If not, then what would be the things you had wished had happened” As a single man at the time Gay said his deepest wish was to have a loving, lasting relationship with a woman. The stranger then said “turn this wish into a goal and put it into the present tense” Gay came up with this goal I enjoy a happy relationship with a woman I adore and who adores me. Having had a wonderfully happy marriage of 40 years to date, it is fair to say he achieved his goal.

Now at first glance this might appear a bit simplistic but the focus of the book is to discover what your personal five wishes would be to lead a fulfilled life.

I wrote my Five Wishes and put them at the front of a journal/scrapbook that I frequently look at. I haven’t achieved them in full yet, but I certainly have achieved aspects of them and are still making steady progress in moving in the correct direction.

I think this wonderfully little book helps to point you to your ultimate goals and when you actually focus on what you truly want, you maybe surprised by what you discover about yourself.

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