Sara Brown is a trained fashion, textile and interior designer. She also has over 25 years experience in retail running shops selling, designer fashion, accessories and home interiors. In 2003 she set up the Sada design studio, creating hand-dyed and painted silk scarves.

Sara now produces Vintage-inspired bridal scarves, accessories and fabric wedding bouquets which are sold online through Etsy. She also creates textile/painted art canvases and writes a blog on bespoke design and craftsmanship. She works for an Artisan Beauty company based in Cumbria. A traveller at heart, Sara writes a travel blog, which she uses as an excuse to take long holidays and is working on a guidebook about Mallorca.

Why Created Curated? 

I create by designing and making my  creative ideas into actual physical pieces of art or accessories. I curate by collecting, sourcing and organizing visual images, information, experiences and interesting encounters. I fully believe that we are all creative in some way and that using our creativity in our daily lives is as essential as breathing.