Make a Wish!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog on healing and self-help books. I am not too sure if many people read it but by actually writing this blog it helped to heal me during a challenging time in my life.

During a recent sort out, I don’t just write about Marie Kondo, I found copies of some of the blogposts I had written. On reading these I wondered if I had ever put into practice any of the things I had blogged about?

We use the phrase “Make a Wish” when blowing out candles on Birthday cakes, we throw coins into wishing wells and fountains whilst making a wish, make wishes while blowing on dandelions and make wishes on the stars. But do these random wishes ever come true or are they instantly forgotten?

One of the books I enjoyed reading and talked about was 5 Wishes by Gay Hendricks. Just to give you a brief history on Gay, he is a psychologist, writer and personal growth practitioner. With his wife Kathlyn he has written around 50 books often focusing on positive relationships and attracting genuine love. Through the Hendricks institute they teach seminars on core skills for conscious living and conscious loving. Their work has touched the life’s of millions of people around the world.

I have read many of his books and what I think what was so special about this short book was that it was poignant with a strong message and it made me think about what I actually wanted from my life. Its not about just focusing on something but putting these goals into action. By writing down your goals it starts the process. But its not just about thinking there does have to be some action.

To give a brief synopsis: (as I would encourage you to read the book yourself)

An encounter at a party changed Gay Hendricks forever. A stranger asked him to imagine himself on his deathbed and to consider the question “was your life a complete success? If not, then what would be the things you had wished had happened” As a single man at the time Gay said his deepest wish was to have a loving, lasting relationship with a woman. The stranger then said “turn this wish into a goal and put it into the present tense” Gay came up with this goal I enjoy a happy relationship with a woman I adore and who adores me. Having had a wonderfully happy marriage of 40 years to date, it is fair to say he achieved his goal.

Now at first glance this might appear a bit simplistic but the focus of the book is to discover what your personal five wishes would be to lead a fulfilled life.

I wrote my Five Wishes and put them at the front of a journal/scrapbook that I frequently look at. I haven’t achieved them in full yet, but I certainly have achieved aspects of them and are still making steady progress in moving in the correct direction.

I think this wonderfully little book helps to point you to your ultimate goals and when you actually focus on what you truly want, you maybe surprised by what you discover about yourself.

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Baby Steps to Normal Life

As some elements of our normal life returns to us this week and next week. I think its time to reflect on the last year. Give a huge thank you to the front-line workers who kept everything running whilst placing themselves in harm’s way, to help others. I send a virtual hug to those who lose someone and those still living with long-term health problems. And last but certainly not less, I sent a silent pray to those who are still battling Covid and their loved ones. We have to remember the bad times to hopefully learn from them as start to rebuilt a new normal life.

I am not sure that things will ever be quite the same, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing if the new normal is an improvement on the old normal. I guess that is left in all of our carefully washed hands. With a renewed sense of what matters the most: family, health and community.

We still need to proceed with care, the worse hopefully is over, but there still needs to be caution and new awareness. Some of the freedom we took for granted maybe lost for some time. Working together we can do more, a lot of people are stir crazy, some are deeply depressed with good cause, some are anxious to leave the safety of their four walls. Everyone’s story is different and deserves respect. We have all done the best we could do under the circumstances. The blame game achieves nothing!

I have mentioned this before but if you are offered a vaccination please take it, if not for yourself but for the others in your life to protect them. Its one of the few things available to us to fight this silent virus.

I wish you all a safe journey moving forward, continue to stay safe and respect the path of others please, we all matter!

Happy…ish new…ish year

So, 2021 starts, it’s a Happy…ish New…ish year. Life is still very uncertain for many of us. We have gone back into Lockdown in the UK, Brexit, despite been finalized, is still always on the news. Donald Trump is still saying exactly the same as last year.  The terrible scenes from the USA are like a bad Hollywood movie, my thoughts are with them and I hope that moving into 2021 some calm can return to this fractured country of America .

It’s been a Luke-warm, start to the year, after such a challenging 2020, that’s for sure, but all we can do is just carry on, as best as we are able to do. Most year’s usually starts with a list of New Year resolutions that are rarely kept. This year, you can’t start going to a Gym, only to stop in February and March. And there is no real excuse to not start writing that novel, you never quite have the time to do or learn a new language. You have lots of free time to fill.

So, I suppose it’s a rare opportunity, to get fitter, thinner or start a new hobby with less reasons to not be able to do so. When things then do return to some normalcy, we will be fighting fit (Physically and mentally) and raring to go again?

Depression is always worst in the dark winter months and post-Christmas, been stuck at home makes this even worst. So, finding something enjoyable or purposeful to do, is going to help to keep those dark feelings away. Whist, I do try to keep up with the news it can be very depressing, so watching fun films or reading a great book can be uplifting. Netflix, have a good selection of films and series to catch up on. Anything creative is also a great way to spend time, it doesn’t need to be gallery- worthy but just enjoyable. It is possible to buy most art- stuff online, The Works and Great Art, offer good service and prices. So have a go, even get your children involved. Making and creating is ageless.

Many local libraries are still open for collections and have a free on-line kindle and audible book resource.

Keeping in touch with others is vital, by telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom or Messager. If you do know of people on their own, keep in touch, please. Together, things can be better. Support others and be supported yourself. I think that this is something we have all realized more than ever. We are all part of a community.

Together, we can all make 2021 a more prosperous and happy year.

As, the famous line goes It’s a wonderful life. Take care and stay safe.

A Big Thank You and Happy New Year

This year has been like no other, the year started with terrible flooding, followed by Covid and throw in the ongoing saga of Brexit. Many of us have spent large parts of the year stuck at home, if you were fortunate you received a reduced wage, if you were not so lucky you lost your job or business.

Throughout this the essential services and key workers have worked harder than ever, working longer hours and even suffering abuse at the very people they were helping. We have clapped, rung bells, and many nimble-fingered ladies have donated their time to make scrubs and masks for the NHS. But very little can really thank them for their ongoing dedication.

So, I wish you all a Happy New Year, may we all start to have some normality in our life’s. And the very people who actually keep the country running, and by that not the bosses in the suits, but the workers who look after the sick, teach the young, tend for the old and vulnerable, keep the streets clean and keep the food chain going and run food banks. I hope you all get a much- earned rest!

From the chaos, I hope we can start to see what truly matters and hopefully the sense of community will remain, long after the current crisis fades.

So, a big, heart-felt thank you to those who put others ahead of themselves, you are true heroes!

Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to 2021

Curation and Why?

Why did I call my blog Created Curated? I was looking for a title which brought everything together.  I had a website, 3 blogs and 2 online shop, as well as accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.  Just trying to keep on top of my various social- media accounts and post regularly was becoming a full-time job.  So, what could be better than having one main blog/ website etc.

Like most creative people to create, I shift through books, magazines and other sources of inspiration (often online) and then let aspects of this inspire me to produce something else. Then having produced an item show this in some way, be it as a listing in my online shop or a social media posting. So, I guess really this is Curate- Create- Curate- Post.

I have listed a dictionary definition of curation, although I am sure there are quite a few more out there.

Curation– using acts of selection and arrangement or refining, reducing, displaying, simplifying, presenting and explaining- to add value. The Latin for Curate is to take care of, which is a very different version to the one we use.

I found an interesting book called Curation- The Power of Selection in a World of Excess by Michael Bhaskar. I think I could write numerous blogs based on the topics covered in the book but for now I just wanted to touch on a couple of the points raised.

We are all curators now- whether curating our holidays, books, music, TV etc.

I guess most of us, have wish lists on Amazon and Airbnb and use websites like Goodreads to post the books we have read or want to read. Pinterest folders are using for planning special events like weddings or parties these can even be shared with others so they can also add pins. It doesn’t stop there; we even have additional ideas added to our daily feeds based on our past trends. So, now our interests are been curated by others, choose this holiday or this recipe, exercise, TV programme etc.

The point made in this book is “ in a world of too much, selecting, finding and cutting down is valuable it makes sense of the world”  I would also add to this, are we all so busy now that having someone else suggest something to buy or something to do, saves our valuable time? I pose this as a question rather than a statement. What took hours, days or even weeks to research before can now take a much shorter time with the help of Suggested for You and the google search engine. Sometimes an answer can be found in minutes.  Is this a good or a bad thing?  Again, like most of us I do check my various feeds daily, I particularly find it useful on the bus or in my lunch hour to kill time. I don’t need to spend hours looking through magazines etc as I often find what I am looking for in a flash. On the other- hand sometimes whilst researching one thing you can find a different direction or stubble across an interesting diversion does relying on feeds stop this as it reduces rather than increases a search. Would on occasion popping a completed random and unrelated theme into a feed create a new direction? Or would we, as now programmed to shift through information quickly, just query as to what is that doing in my feed or not even notice. Do we to a certain extent have tunnel vision. We all know a little about a lot rather than knowing less topics but understanding something very well. Was it not very enjoyable to spend hours looking through books and magazines, is this not a treat in its self?

I will return to this subject again, as it opens a few discussions but I hope you do find the chance to read it is a short but thoughtful read.




A warm welcome to you. I am writing my blog to share my thoughts and passions with you. I love meeting interesting people like you and sharing creative ideas, it is a great pleasure.

I have many passions and interests, working in fashion, design, interiors and art. I have worked ( in many places to be truthful) in shops, galleries, museums and cafes. I achieved a lifelong dream of becoming an artist and showing and selling my work in galleries and setting up a design business. I have also had the opportunity to spend five months traveling in Spain  experiencing the culture and it would be lovely to share this with you..

I would like to tell you about my work, the created part of my website and I would also let to tell you all about the wonderful designers, artists and craftsmen who inspire me and so many others to be creative, the curated part of my website.

I hope you enjoy.

Created Curated

This website and blog is to promote both the work of Sara Brown and the wonderful designers and crafters I have fortunate to encounter on my creative journey.

I produce scarves under the Sada label, wedding accessories and textile art. I also write a blog on design ” bespoke for life and style” and a travel journal.

I am very passionate about hand-made and crafted products and the importance  of keeping these skills alive. I believe very strongly in British craftsmanship and that everyone can be creative in some way.