Contemporary art has always had a strong influence on me even in my fashion work artists like: Miro, Picasso and too many others to name. I use my  art research to produce rough sketches, these are then translated onto fabric which is then attached to a canvas. This is then further embellished with sewn detail and adding additional sections of fabric and handmade paper. Once these layers of colour and fabric have been formed, I then remove sections. I like to produce canvases that require several viewings to  see all the detail.

My inspiration comes from; nature, old buildings and primitive African art markings.

I have shown my work at the Cupola Gallery in Sheffield, The Leeds Art Gallery, The Rufford Craft Gallery, The Adze Gallery and Thornwhaite Galleries.

I was an artist in residence at the Minster art Gallery and a gallery assistant at the Adze Gallery. I took part in artist previews, events and lectures.

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