A Big Thank You and Happy New Year

This year has been like no other, the year started with terrible flooding, followed by Covid and throw in the ongoing saga of Brexit. Many of us have spent large parts of the year stuck at home, if you were fortunate you received a reduced wage, if you were not so lucky you lost your job or business.

Throughout this the essential services and key workers have worked harder than ever, working longer hours and even suffering abuse at the very people they were helping. We have clapped, rung bells, and many nimble-fingered ladies have donated their time to make scrubs and masks for the NHS. But very little can really thank them for their ongoing dedication.

So, I wish you all a Happy New Year, may we all start to have some normality in our life’s. And the very people who actually keep the country running, and by that not the bosses in the suits, but the workers who look after the sick, teach the young, tend for the old and vulnerable, keep the streets clean and keep the food chain going and run food banks. I hope you all get a much- earned rest!

From the chaos, I hope we can start to see what truly matters and hopefully the sense of community will remain, long after the current crisis fades.

So, a big, heart-felt thank you to those who put others ahead of themselves, you are true heroes!

Goodbye to 2020 and Hello to 2021