Set the Mood with Fragrance

I love fragrance having a selection of scents I wear for different occasions, work, holidays, evenings out and even days off. I would never wear my every-day scent for a special occasion, brides often have a new fragrance to get married in for this reason. Having a daily spritz of perfume is a really good start to my day! Perfume is for wearing all the time in my view.

Do not underestimate the power of fragrance. Scents are often described in the same way as someone’s personality; delicate, bold, soft, confident. In many ways’ fragrance enforces or helps to give the wearer these qualities and more.

Some scents uplift, some promote calm and some raise your confidence level. A scent can help to empower when confidence and reassurance are needed most: a job interview or first date or special occasion. Earthy scents like Oud and Patchouli can be sexy and bold, some like Cedarwood are more subtle. Rose is feminine and calming, dealing with matters of the heart and attracting love. Jasmine is the essential oil of love and seduction and as anti-depressant raises the senses. Herby scents like Vetiver and Rosemary are grounding, giving focus and helping with emotional stress. Neroli enhances confidence and has a feel-good factor, so it is hardly surprising that these notes are used in many popular perfumes. At the start of the 20th century woman’s scents were soft and delicate like Lily of the Valley; it was the suffragettes who wanted a more masculine fragrance and didn’t want to smell of flowers as they wanted to be taken more seriously by men. In 1919, the House of Caron invented Tabac Blond, a woody scent which was to be the first feminist fragrance as well as changing the perfume industry.

As I said in my last post 75% of how you feel is triggered by smell. The sense of smell is processed in the limbic system which is the primary seat of all memories, emotions and gut reactions. Which helps to explain why we react so strongly to scent.

It is a powerful tool to enhance and entice those around you, as well as motivating yourself. A memorable fragrance can be a personal statement. Fashions and trends do affect scents although many of the best perfumes, in my opinion at least, do transcend trends and are ageless in appeal. At the current time there is a shift towards minimal and optimistic fragrances, a need for calm in an uncertain world but also an increased awareness of well-being. Lighter version of popular fragrances like Opium and Chanel no 5 have been introduced. Very few women or men want to wear overpowering heavy scent. Some perfume houses like Tom Ford formulate bold, rich scents but these do not take your breath away, there is subtly with the strength, a bit like someone with great wealth who provokes confidence and power in a silent way.

Some modern fragrances are more like medicinal tinctures, with herbal qualities giving a sense of emotional and physical good health. The surprising popularity of the niche perfume house of Escentic Molecules shows the move away from traditional perfumery. Geza Scohen produces aroma-molecules that do not exist in nature. This is art meeting chemistry, very much about the mood of the wearer as these perfumes bond with receptors in the olfactory system. They smell different on each person.

It could be said at the current time when we are confined to our homes and have to stay 6 feet away from others why bother to use a perfume, well I would say why not for yourself. Is there anyone more important?

perfume 4-COLLAGE

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