There is Nothing Quite Like A Good Book

I have read since I was a child, my most memorable present was a full set of classic children’s books. I have always encouraged my nieces and nephews to read from an early age. What would constitute a good book would be entirely personal. I would say not been able to put a book down, without finishing reading, or looking forward to been able to start reading again. Books fulfil different roles: entertainment, education, escapism, relaxation and even maintaining health. The NHS have joined forces with Libraries to promote reading for health because of the huge importance to mental health. I am a great believer in Libraries and the wonderful service that they give, enabling everyone to be able to read even without the available finance to buy books and we all should support them as much as we can.

In our busy life’s taking time to read can seem like a luxury many of us just don’t have but taking even a short amount of time, in your lunch hour or journey home from work, to read is beneficial, so much more than posting on social media or updating your status. Kindle books can be a good way to read when you can’t have a book to hand and companies like Book Bub will send you links to free Kindle books on Amazon. Libby is the online lending library which can be used through phones and androids and is free to use, you just need a current library card.

At the moment we have more time than ever and what a great use of our time to read, but beware when you start this can become addictive. But there are far worse things than to be addicted to the written word.

I do hope you do get chance to try reading. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad book, if you are entertained and your attention is held then that’s great. Personally, I read lots of different types of books: Historical Fiction, Murder Mysteries, Classics, Travel inspired, Autobiographies, Spiritual, Self-care and Chick Lit. Some books teach me, some help me to live a more fulfilled life, some make me laugh, some make me cry, some take me to brave new worlds and some inspire.  There are so many books its difficult to know what to read, the website Goodreads is a great resource for readers giving lots of book choices, reviews and even the chance to win free books.

Like most avid readers I always have a big pile of books I want to read, and it’s a dream come true to make my way through them.

Happy days indeed!

iPiccy-collage books

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