Buy Local- Buy in Season

I have written about this before in my previous blog, but today this is even more important than ever particularly with food.  to view other articles.

Because of the closure of restaurants and hotels many local food producers have lost their clients, but farming still has to continue; crops have been grown and animals reared etc. To combat this many have started selling food boxes directly to customers rather than just to businesses. This is a great opportunity to try seasonal, local produce and also champion local companies. Small farm shops and local shops are also still trading as well as supermarkets. This also encourages us to think seasonally rather than expecting to purchase the same foods all year round. We have got into the habit of eating summer fruits and vegetables in winter, these are grown under polytunnels even in countries like Spain. It is quite shocking to see how many blight the landscape and beautiful vistas.

Our ancestors ate seasonally, often growing their own fruit and vegetables. Is it not more interesting and healthier to vary our diet?

If you look online in your area you will be able to see who can deliver to you. Why not try it?


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